Collaboration with Office 365

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but I’m really excited about Office 365. I know it seems nerdy to be excited about a word processor and spreadsheet. Microsoft Word is not exactly a game changer. It’s not “cutting edge” innovation.

Now before you think I’m like the PC Guy in this old Apple ad, let me explain that I’m not really excited about a word processor. In fact, I use whatever word processor I have that will get the job done. What excites me about Office 365 is the collaboration it enables. Students and teachers can now share and work collaboratively in a very seamless way. That’s a game changer and that’s what I find exciting!

The case has been made for many years that our students need to learn to work collaboratively. Most of us don’t need to be convinced of this. We get it. Like the age old adage says, “two heads are better than one.” There are many complex challenges facing our world. We need people that can work together in order to deal with them. Our students need to be ready for this. Office 365 is one step towards getting them ready.

The EdTech Facilitators will be offering a TTT on Office 365 in September. If you don’t want to wait until then to get started, log in at with your school email address and password. I recommend you first click on “OneDrive” to set up your storage space. After that I recommend you checkout the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You’ll find they make sharing and working on documents with students and other teachers pretty straightforward.

Finally, here’s a little nerd inspiration for you!

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