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One if my fondest memories of school was when the teacher asked me to write a story in class. I loved spending hours poring over page after page of a story I was writing.

Story writing has come a long way from pencil paper days. Now digital storytelling can mean many things and comes in all forms. One of my favorite definition of digital storytelling is this.
“Digital storytelling refers to a variety of emergent new forms of digital narratives, e.g. web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, narrative computer games, audio and video podcasts, and more.”

When I think of how much technology students are surrounded by it would be doing them a disservice if we were not allowing students to use the technology available to express themselves. Technology allows students to express themselves in so many different ways. Below are some things to go over when you are thinking about using technology to with digital storytelling. I hope this has perked your interest and you will look further below to find some resources on the web about digital storytelling.

I like to think about what it is and what it is

Below are some resources for you to dive further into the huge area of Digitalstorytelling.

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