Why Tweet?

twitterYou may or may not be following the #learnisb hashtag on Twitter, and if you are not that is okay. Twitter is not for everyone; but many of us find it a useful professional learning tool and a great way to share what is going on in our classrooms.

Let’s face it, our classroom are boxes in rows and then stacked on top of each other.  When we face institutional barriers to being more transparent and sharing learning taking place in our classroom, social media can serve an important role in metaphorically opening up the doors of our classrooms.  Our use of Twitter in particular has been a goal this year from the Office of Learning spearheaded by the Ed Tech Facilitators.  As we planned for this work we identified why we wanted to engage faculty and administration in the use of Twitter:

  • de-privatize teaching practice ​
  • spread and highlight pockets of innovation ​
  • promote and celebrate ISB as a community of learners ​
  • good source of teacher professional learning​

So far we have worked with administration on Twitter as well as hosted a TTT on Twitter. We will be hosting another TTT on Nov. 6 for teachers interested in exploring this platform.  Personally, it is thrilling to see the several posts a day showing all of the interesting things our students and faculty are engaged in to impact student learning. Highlights from just this week:

  • The launch of the Grade 7 Phoenix project that took students off campus to kick off this integrated project
  • The NFL “bus” and a witty reference to deflategate
  • University of Stanford professor Dr. Palumbi speaking with our English students about exploring marine biology through creative writing
  • Grade 3 students working with parents on rangoli art and symmetry
  • PK4 students documenting their learning with cameras.

The list goes on and on.  You do great things and #learnisb is a way to share those things with the school and connect us all together when we cannot always be there to support and learn from each other.

So if you have been tweeting and sharing, thank you. If you are interested in learning more please join the Nov. 6th TTT, 2 hours will get you up, running, understanding, and sharing.  If tweeting is not for you, I urge to follow the #learnisb hashtag on Twitter, you too can get a glimpse into the world of our students at ISB.

Garrett and the ICT office can white list your phones so you can access Twitter and Instagram at ISB.  Once you are on the internal network, you can begin sharing all of that good stuff!

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