Perfecting Your Team

A recent NY Times article about Google’s quest for the perfect team really got me thinking. Basically, they found that the most successful teams weren’t the ones with the most expertise, or similar personality styles, or the highest levels of motivation. They found that success was rooted in the way that team members interacted with each other. The most effective teams were those that practiced strong group norms. What are group norms? They’re the conscious ways that groups choose to behave when working together.


As a school, we’ve done a lot of work with Adaptive Schools. Whether you’ve participated in the training or not, I bet you’re familiar with the 7 Norms of Collaborative work. Many of the CALs and team leaders have these on their agendas.

How invested are you in these norms? Do you focus on a particular norm when participating as a member of a team? If you feel like one of the teams you’re a part of is stuck in a rut, or is dominated by certain group members, you might want to recommit to the norms. Try one or two of them and see how it goes. Who knows, you could be Google’s next perfect team!


Practice the 7 Norms of Collaboration – they really work!

Use this TEDTalk to reflect on how you collaborate with team members

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