Professional Learning Reflection and Looking to Next Year

Ah planning, lots of it is going on right now in the OOL to prepare for next year, from action plans to professional learning we are looking forward to 2016-2017. Please stop by anytime to ask us about any of the below information or share other exciting learning opportunities in the region.

Wednesday Reflection

First and foremost, thank you for participating in the Professional Learning Survey about Wednesdays for this year.  We take your feedback seriously and are in the process of disaggregating data and going over it in each school. What is clear from the overall results is we continue to struggle to strike the balance many people are looking for on Wednesday time.  Our focus this year has been to try and give more time back to departments and carve out time for vertical work, and though there is recognition of that effort it is clear we have room to grow in shaping perceptions of Wednesday time.  We will continue to think about how we can improve and maximize the time on Wednesday and again, thank you for your feedback.

Professional Learning Next Year

We have been working with several consultants to support our school-wide work to bring in new standards and support our move to Standards-based Grading and Reporting.  Highlights for next year include:

  • ISB will host a Math Specialist in International School (MSIS) 2 year cohort with Erma Anderson starting in February 2017. Erma will return April with Steve Leinwand who for a few additional days will work with teachers in Learning Labs to observe the Mathematical Practices.  Erma will return in 2017-2018 to conduct the other three MSIS sessions…maybe we will be able to bring Steve back!
  • Paul Andersen will be with us in September to support our work K-12 with NGSS.  Paul has been working with several other international schools in the region and is sure to push our thinking and understanding of NGSS.
  • We have invited Jose Medina with the Center for Applied Linguistics to offer a EAL training for interested teachers.  We are still working on dates, however we are looking at two weekend trainings, one first semester and one second semester. He will train interested teachers in the SIOP model which is a planning process to put language objectives at the center of instructional planning.  Good for all kids, a must for EAL learners.
  • Tom Schimmer the assessment guru will be here for two weeks in November to support our standards-based assessment work. He will be working with all sections of the school
  • Tania Lattanzio will be hosted by ISB as an EARCOS Weekend Workshop, Oct. 29th and 30th. She will be exploring the role of inquiry as a shift from more traditional pedagogy.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Weekend Workshop – we are working with 21st Century Learning to host a January workshop dedicated to thriving in an Office 365 environment. Look for more information as we have plans confirmed next year.

We will continue to seek opportunities around our new ELA standards as we go through the year and identify other learning experiences supportive of our school-wide goals.

Please be sure to check the #learnisb calendar as we update this regularly with not only ISB PL, but regional professional learning opportunities. There is a lot on offer in this region and this can be your one-stop shopping portal.

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