Why We Blog

blog-684748_960_720Last year we made and effort in the Office of Learning to build #learnisb on Twitter and through our blogging platform.  Each serves a somewhat different purpose.  We use Twitter and social media as a way to open up our classrooms and share our work and the work of our students with each other.  We have many active tweeters on staff and look forward to continue the building of this community within the school.

Blogging is another way we want to share ideas from professional learning to interesting educational conversations etc. Following the blog is a choice as we do not send our all staff announcements of the blog. If you would like to follow it, you need only subscribe on the right hand side of this page.Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.48.36 AM

There are several good reasons to follow the blog:

  1. We share ideas you might be interested in.
  2. Our Twitter feed is loaded on the blog so if you are not on Tweetdeck or Twitter, this is a place you can come to see what is being shared on Twitter  by your ISB colleagues.
  3. Professional Learning, we have a professional learning calendar that lets you know about all of the PD available at ISB and in the region.  One stop shopping for all of your PD needs
  4. Key resources for departments in the Office of Learning (Curriculum, Educational Technology, and the Strategic Learning Office).

Please subscribe and we promise to share good things and to keep you informed about your professional learning opportunities.

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